Passionart Heart Blooming Kit

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Paul of Resin wood Tables NZ, Resinzwood limited with our lovely Passionart Partner Jenny have the Ultimate Blooming Kit for you right here. This kit along with the downloadable PDF guide, YouTube Video by the The Passionart Couple we will have you falling in love with resin art. This kit contains the following but going by others prices in NZ we will save you Big Dollars when you purchase the PassionArt Heart Blooming Kit.

PassionArt Heart Blooming Kit Comes With

  • Alcohol Inks x5 - Peach Red, Red, Violet, Yellow, Midnight blue - Retail $10.00 each @ (resin art nz)
  • PassionArt Blooming Paste - 30ml container Normal Retail $20.00
  • Colour Passion Jacki Shimmer - 50gram - Normal Retail $18.00
  • PassionArt Craft Resin - One Litre Kit - Normal Retail $55.00
  • PassionArt Heart Mould - 210mm x 185mm Retails up to $26.00 (resin and more)

That is a staggering $169.00 combined Value - Resinzwood and PaassionArt say NO NO NO - Checkout Our Price as we are here to support our artists not Bleed them!!




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