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Our beautiful Jenny Passionart takes us on an adventure as she skillfully guides you step by step in the art of Blooming, Resin Art NZ. Blooming is a skill that can be modified and adapted with your own interpretation and flair as you craft coasters to other deep pour objects, using the Highest Quality best valued PassionArt resins and Resinzwood resins..

What you will need

  • PassionArt 1 to 1 Craft resin - 
  • PassionArt Alcohol ink or alternative
  • PassionArt Blooming Paste
  • Coaster or other moulds
  • Ice-block sticks
  • Plastic and paper cups
  • Resin piping bag or modify a small bag to do the job
  • Baby wipes or similar
  • Latex gloves
  • Sticky tape - painters tape
  • White Vinegar
  • Silicone Spray - Optional

#PassionArt Blooming Mythology

  1. Place your moulds out on a flat level surface
  2. Use sticky tape to remove any specs of dust from your moulds
  3. Mix your resin as per quantities in this video below
  4. Heat your resin naturally while mixing and resting just as shown in video by Jenny to 33c to 36c
  5. Mix up your PassionArt Blooming paste as per video
  6. Half fill or just over that put the resin in the moulds
  7. Add your alcohol ink as shown
  8. Pipe in your PassionArt blooming resin mix
  9. Leave to set
  10. Mix up your background colour or effects
  11. Pour over your cured pieces.
  12. Wait 24 hours and demold
  13. Post your pics on    to win spot prizes

Downloads PDF

Additional Help and Support

Contact Paul or Jenny 021966387. Send us a message on our contact form or facebook page Resin Wood Tables NZ. Email: jennypassionart@gmail.com. 

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