How to make Lava Epoxy effect using the highest quality UV stable resins that New Zealanders love, and trust starts with the range from Resinzwood and Passionart epoxy resins. Here we are crafting an effect to represent lava using resinzwood Ultra Fast epoxy that has been exothermic making red, orange, yellow and black Lava rocks. We came up with this concept after failing to find the perfect glass like substance that would allow light to pass through the pieces creating a natural look of lava that would flow down a river for our amazing Lava Kitchen Island.

Follow this step by step process and see the results for yourself How To Make Lava Epoxy Effect

Method To Make Lava Effect

  • Purchase Ultra Fast Resin from resinzwood
  • Pour 500grams of Part B hardener into a container
  • Add 1kg of resin and mix it well to ensure it is fully blended.
  • Add your desired colour using either Colour Passion powders or pastes to get the desired degree of translucency that you want
  • You can place in a microwave or leave in a hot area to exotherm naturally up to 100 degrees Celsius then keep mixing till it smokes and thickens
  • Warning – Use a mask, Never breathe in the Vapor
  • Once it starts to go hard drop into a bucked of Ice cold water then start to break it apart using a chisel or alternative instrument.
  • You can break up smaller by hand if you want to?
  • Let your lava resin cool in the water then drain out and air dry in the sun before using it in your projects.

The resulting product we use for effects to craft the Lava table combined with other layers of lava looking resins using both Colour Passion Powders and Pastes.

 We also place these pieces into containers and fill with a solid black resin block that can be turned on a wood lathe using negative rake scrapers crafting amazing bowls etc.

 Contact Paul for Resin Info - 021966387

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