Art Resin 1 to 1 by Volume

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Size: 1 Litre kit
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Art Craft resin is a 1:1 ratio by weight that contains High UV ratings yet still crystal clear like water. The original product here has now been replaced with this higher spec better valued Passion Art Craft Resin, that has amazing air release properties making it New Zealand's leading option for Resin Artists. With every purchase you will get free Dyes or pigments as we are here to support our Artists and DIY doer's. 

Uses Of 1 to 1 Craft Resin

PassionArt Craft Resin can be used in various art and craft projects like Jewelery, Artwork coatings, Coasters, Larimar and Blooming with our Colour Passion products, Pyramids, Cheese boards, Modelling, Bar Tops as well as castings. Product can be poured up to 15mm at 22c with ease.

For Online support Online Tutorials under our How To section of this website. Competitions and giveaways on our Facebook page Resinzwood. Phone Support 24/7 ph: Paul 021966387


100% Solids, Crystal Clear, Non toxic VOC Free, Scratch resistant, Self levels No bubbles, UV Stable, High Heat resistance

Technical Data

Appearance - High gloss glass like finish

Mixing Ratio 1 to 1 by volume

Pot life - 30 to 40 minutes

Shelf Life - 24 months

Hardness - 90D

Touch Dry - Two hours

Fully Cured - up to 18 hours

Coverage - 1 litre or more per square meter

Substrates- Wood, glass, metal, concretes and stone, With porous materials please ensure to seal coat first for Best results. 

PRODUCT Recommended & USED by HEART RESIN for Art Pieces they Craft



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