How To Dirty Pour Resin with Paul Morris Epoxy Guru of Resinzwood, Resin Wood Tables NZ along with our special guests and clients that come to have fun lessons with us. Simply click on any of the links here below, grab a cup of coffee and let's get PassionArt, having sticky fun with resin in the resin room. Be guided How To Dirty Pour with our Highest Quality Resins, Pigments, Pastes, Powders and Tints to create amazing effects.

What Do I Need to do a Dirty Pour

Here is a list of Key things you need to do a Dirty Pour with links to the items we stock.

  • You need an Art Base Board - We have a selection available for purchase
  • Painters Tape - To line the edges to create a wall, rim
  • High Quality 1;1 Colour Passion Art Resin or 1:1 PassionArt Craft Resin
  • Colour Passion Pastes Pigments especially Top cell white or Base cell White
  • A quality set of scales to weigh your resin / Precision Scales for colour
  • A small Level
  • Rubber gloves for your hands
  • A protective apron to cover your clothes
  • Heat Gun / Gas Torch is best
  • Eye protection especially if you are messy
  • Plastic or cardboard cups
  • A warm work area above 23c is ideal 

Basic Method of Construction

  • Place your stand for the board on your bench
  • Run tape around the outside edge of the board to create a rim 8mm high
  • Place board on your stand and ensure it is level
  • Calculate how much resin you need - Resin Calculator
  • Mix your resin by adding the hardener first then the resin to mixing container
  • Divide your resin into smaller cups for your colours
  • Pour your colours in layers into your pouring container
  • Pour your resin over your board in the style / effect you desire
  • Gas torch of heat gun the resin for effect
  • Wait till resin starts to cure then remove the tape to allow for run off over sides of the art board
  • Smooth off runs on sides with your hands
  • Scrape or cut off excess run off resin with the back of a craft knife
  • Leave to cure fully
  • You may wish to lightly sand then do a final flood coat over your artwork
  • Now you have created a Masterpiece Dirty Pour

Video Tutorials Effects Ideas


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