Ocean Art Kit DIY FREE Art Board

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Ocean Art Kit DIY FREE Art Board

When you purchase this Colour Passion Inspired ocean art kit from PassionArt you will get a 500mm board made from 9mm MDF absolutely free. Other companies are charging up to $60.00 for the art board alone. The Ocean Art Kit DIY FREE Art Board also comes with online video tutorial as we don't want you to waste too much money on lessons. The Ocean Art Kit also has a downloadable PDF so you can print it out for all the key points as you are crafting your piece of art. (Mesmerizing Ocean Wall Art Tutorial )

Here is What you get with your Ocean Art Kit DIY FREE Art Board

  • PassionArt Craft Resin Crystal Clear 2 to 1 by weight - 3kg kit Norm Retail $180.00
  • Passion Base Cell White Norm Retail $17.80  
  • Max White Sparkle Norm Retail $17.80
  • Blue Passion Norm Retail $17.80
  • Cerulean Norm Retail $17.80
  • PassionArt Circular Art Board 500mm diameter Norm Retail $60.00
  • Painters Tape x 1 Norm Retail $9.00
  • Pair of gloves x 2 Norm Retail $4.50
  • 400grit sandpaper x 2 Norm Retail $4.00

Normal Retail Equals $328.70

PassionArt Price $227.50 Now That is a huge saving over $100.00 and you will be able to craft many pieces with these amazing colours from Colour Passion and PassionArt.....

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