How to Top Coat Your Artwork with Resinzwood Resin Wood Tables NZ. Top coating or Flood coating as it is commonly known is when you pour a final layer of resin over the top of your artwork, tabletop or alternative piece you are crafting. This video here is a very quick example of How to Flood coat your artwork.

Tips & Tricks - Flood Coating

  • Always use our Resinzwood, Passionart or Colour Passion Resins for best finish - Highest Quality Resins
  • Always have a warm working area above 22c
  • Always calculate the volume you need using our Resin Calculator
  • Always mix more than you need to ensure you have enough product
  • Always make sure your resin has been warmed / use a water-bath to heat containers
  • Always add your hardener to the container first so the product is lining the sides, This ensures that all of the part A Resin comes into contact with Part B. This will ensure when you scrape out your resin that no raw material is stuck to the sides of the container.
  • Always use your PPE especially gloves / eye protection
  • Once you have poured your resin use a blue flame torch to get rid of the micro bubbles , heating the resin for a beautifully perfect finish
  • Leave your artwork in the warm room until fully cured usually 24 hours

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