RESINZWOOD Crystal Clear Tabletop Resin, 2 to 1 by Weight

Size: 3kg Litre
Sale price$180.00 NZD


RESINZWOOD Crystal Clear Tabletop Resin, 2 to 1 by Weight can be used as an Art Resin as well. RESINZWOOD Crystal Clear Tabletop Resin contains No Vocs, Has a very High UV protectant and self levels perfectly. No need for sanding as every time you will get a mirror finish that doe's not even need to have a final Polish

Our Table Top resin has been designed primarily for table tops, bar tops, wood finishes as well as being a very high performer for resin artwork, and other applications. 


Self-leveling, high gloss, UV-resistant formula produces a tough, high gloss, water-resistant coating. NO VOCS

Heat resistant up to 260 degrees.

This is at a ratio of 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener by weight.

For detailed guidance please refer to our How to section on this website as we have videos to help you with the application as well as useful tips and tricks. See the quality that you will achieve using our product.

Phone support: Our customers are important to us so if you get stuck or need advice call me on 021966387

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