Resinzwood Knot Hole Resin - Now High UV

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Size: 1.5 kg kit
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Knot Hole Resin is Now Improved with High UV Additives 3kg kit 2 to 1 Ratio by Weight. This epoxy resin that has become a favorite for NZ artists that are using coloured resins, can be poured up to 10mm at a time for jewelry and other applications. Resin Wood Tables NZ's turners use this product for castings as well as other applications. Initially designed for filling knot holes in timber as well as imperfections in final coats. Knot hole resin is a fast setting resin that cures in 4 hours and sandable after 6 to 8 hours.


Cures Fast, Easy to use, Perfect for full colour applications, Can be poured up to 10mm deep, Great for coasters, Coloured jewelry Can be sanded within 6 to 8 hours.


Has a slight yellow tint in the hardener, Lower UV rating compared to Resinzwood's High Performance Art and Tabletop resins, Has a very short pot life of 15 mins, working time of 10 to 20 mins




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