Resinzwood Knot Hole resin is primarily used for filling Knot holes, cracks and voids drying clear in colour. It is also widely used by resin artists for coasters, jewelery, and top coating artwork and small tabletops. This product when used for sealing timber is perfect and you can modify it slightly yourself by adding 10% methylated spirits making the resin thinner for deeper penetration. Methylated resin is inert and will evaporate very quickly from this product. Resinzwood Knot Hole resin is endorsed by New Zealand made as we make it ourselves creating jobs for New Zealanders. With each purchase we give a little extra to our customers in the form of pigments, dyes or other types of free gifts.

Resinzwood Knot Hole Resin is a two to one ratio by weight.

Method for mixing Resinzwood Knot Hole Resin

  1. Calculate volume needed using our resin calculator on our site
  2. Add the proportion of hardener first to a container then add the volume of resin. This ensures all resin molecules come into contact with the hardener molecules.
  3. Mix with a flat stick or paddle slowly so not to aerate the product
  4. Pour from one container to another a few times. This is known as the two bucket method.
  5. Apply thinly over your substrate / timber using your hand in a rubber glove or with a brush
  6. Do not push brush up and down as this will aerate the resin and make it go milky.
  7. Flame torch off to ensure all micro bubbles are dispersed
  8. Never sand between coats. Sanding has the potential to create dust spots in your work.

For more info email. or Call Paul on 021966387 / 7 days a week from 8am till 10pm. I am here to help you get the best out of all our products.

Download PDF File Here Mixing Instructions & Safety Guide


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