It may seem a bit overwhelming trying to decide what brand of Deep Pour epoxy to purchase so how should you decide? There are a few key things to look out for and that will help you on your way to finding the perfect product to suit your needs. Here at Resinzwood Resin Wood Tables NZ we make tables up to 120k in value and we know our Ocean Cast Epoxy is the best in New Zealand. If you are looking further afield to compare make sure you follow our guideline below and ask yourself and the seller these important questions. 

  • Do you offer Online tutorials? - Here at Resin Wood Tables we have online tutorials for you to follow with videos to explain the process. We also offer 7 day a week phone support or video calls should you need our help
  • Do You Offer Phone and or Video call support? - Some companies only offer a very limited amount of support if you can call it that and it is usually only via email. - We offer phone and video call support 7 days a week
  • What is the depth I can pour to? This is an important one as you may pour the resin too deep resulting in exothermic reaction due to having your room too hot or other bad outcomes from the room being to cool. - Our Ocean Cast can be poured to more than 35mm in depth if the room is cooler say below 18c but we advise to stay at 35mm deep at 20c to 25c room temp until you understand the product.
  • What is the UV additive and how long will it last? There are many types of UV additives that are used and some of these are designed to only trick the eye. Most companies will tell you your resin will not start to yellow inside for the first 12 months - Resinzwood Ocean Cast is constantly evolving and currently our High UV allows for up to 24 months outside in constant sun, and decades inside under filtered light going by testing and estimations on performance.
  • What is the hardness rating of the resin? There are many ways and formulas for making resin and most resins range on a scale from D65 being quite soft to D90 being very hard and scratch resistant. - Resinzwood Ocean Cast has a rating of D90 once fully cured.
  • How long doe's it take for the resin to cure? Most epoxy Deep Pour resins take up to 72 hours to cure. If you cannot leave an indentation with your finger nail then your piece is fine to come out of the mould. - Generally we like to leave our resin for a few days in a high temp room to harden up after this stage. All epoxy resins will continue to harden for months.
  • What degree of heat can the resin withstand? Ok so this is a very interesting topic that I will do a separate page about as withstanding temps and actual temp that will not create imperfections are two different things. Many companies push this boundary with false or incorrect claims, or stretch the truth. A resin may withstand 260F but that does NOT mean it will NOT leave imperfections in your top. - Resinzwood Ocean Cast Epoxy we openly tell our clients that you should not put a boiling hot cup of coffee onto your table and expect no damage especially for the first few months of curing. Sure our resin will withstand in excess of 260c but that is a different scale. I have tables here that are over 6 months old and with our specialized top coat they will be fine with hot cups of coffee once the resin is fully cured. Common sense is to use a coaster.
  • Will Colours be a problem? Colours are not going to cause a big problem when adding them to your resin but there are things you have to be aware of. Firstly by adding dye or powder pigments you are basically changing the chemical makeup of the resin and this will increase the exothermic reaction and cure time. Powders make all resins cure a bit faster with dyes not so much. You can add acrylics paint to resin but never more than a 2% ratio of volume. Generally we add up to 1 teaspoon or a max of 10grams per litre of resin with our Colour Passion powders and dyes.
  • What happens if my resin fails? If your resin has a problem like sticky spots, over heating or flash cure, or failing to cure no matter what the brand is, It is more than likely your fault. - Here at Resin Wood Tables NZ we talk with our clients get photos and videos and problem solve to ensure this doe's not happen again. Sometimes it can be a manufacturing problem or a bottle mis labelled and this has only ever occurred once with us thank God, but it can happen. We will get you to send the product back and if we have the same issue we give you New product. 

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This page will be updated over time if you have questions you want answered and we will add there here.

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