Here at Resin Wood Tables NZ  we are the leaders for Custom Made Tables. We make custom Ocean & River Tables, Counter-tops for home and businesses. We use a vast array of different Native timbers and we are very selective of the history of each piece. We Do NOT support the cutting of perfectly healthy trees to be used for furniture. All our timbers used are either, Historic, Wind Blown, River and Swamp Wood, or from trees that have had to be felled for safety reasons.

Where Do We Get Our Timbers / Slabs? 

We buy Timbers from all over New Zealand like Swamp Kauri From Northland to other Natives such as Beech from the West Coast. Driftwood is another resource we can use.

Current Timbers In Stock

Matai Slabs Rimu Slabs Beech Walnut Macrocarpa Blackwood Swamp Kauri

Other Live edge slabs of alternative timbers can be used as long as the timber is dry enough for encapsulation. We also use  dry timber from wood merchants and laminate tables made from many wood types. For example we could laminate a table together for you constructed of Walnut, Beech, Macrocarpa or other alternatives then cut or router shallow to deep rivers after lamination.

Maybe You Want To Use Your Own Special Wood?

Maybe you have a slab of timber or a large table that has taken a beating and you want to get it beautified and coated with Epoxy? We can arrange shipping to our location where will will do this for you and or add a river or alternative look. In all cases we aim to give you a fair price in advance of estimated costs to do your project.

How Deep Should The River Be?

The depth of your river is recommended to be the thickness of the slab once it has been flattened, normally between 55mm to 65mm. However we can make the rivers shallower by using an alternative packer or filling the river with a base of stones or wood for an example. Alternatively if we are making a table from laminated timbers we can router the river to the desired depth pending on whether you want it transparent or a solid color. With a solid color river we like these to be at least 20mm deep allowing us plenty to play with when we come to surface finishing. 

What is the Smallest and Biggest River Tables?

Here at Resin Wood Tables NZ, we can make very small river effect side or coffee tables up to the biggest being 5000mm by 1500mm so far but we are up for the challenge! Custom made river tables, dining tables. Do not settle for anything less than a table from Resin Wood Tables NZ, you deserve the best!

Can you do a business Counter-top?

Yes we can as the principal is exactly the same in this scenario!  With counter-tops we just want to ensure that the base is strong to support the resin and or products that you may have encapsulated. There are alternative ways to do this for example using a live edge slab for the front of the counter-top then routing out shapes where we will insert your product thus using less epoxy as that is the most expensive part of the job. Alternatively you could have your product within a wide river or fully encapsulated with clear sides.

How Much will This Cost Me?

Resin Wood Tables NZ makes this really easy to calculate as our drive is a passion to produce high quality tables at an unbeatable and fair price. We basically charge you for all materials at the cost we pay for them. Then we charge a modest labor rate per hour for the amount of hours we spend doing your project. More often than not our charges are lower than you would expect as this is a passion for us. Lets put that into a visual perspective a Slab River Table 2000mm by 1050mm with live edges facing inwards for the river we would estimate 5k to 7k. For more info Contact Us to discuss your ideas for your one of a kind Resin Wood Table. One last point we do not charge for consultation throughout this process...


  Table Frame Options. There are many options when it comes to table frames. Solid wood that is the most expensive, steel, Perspex or custom designed hybrids. See the options here.
Lights and Effects. Resin Wood Tables NZ has made a lot of really kool tables and there are so many effects you can incorporate from Lighting to fog machines. More info here
Custom Edge Designs. Resin Wood Tables were the first to start doing these very kool custom edges on these tables from ocean to many other concepts. More info here for Custom Edges
Custom Built Solid Wood Tables are another style that we build. These can be from a book-matched slab or laminated using a variety of NZ and imported timbers. More info can be found here about solid options.
Native Timbers Options. We use timber from fallen trees or ones that had to be removed for safety reasons. We care for our trees.
Buy Spec Tables from Resin Wood Tables NZ.  We are the original and best Ocean & River table makers in NZ. We may just have something you are looking for.


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