Colour Passion Is Coming

Colour Passion is an Australian company that has a wide range of pastes and pigments all of which we will be stocking on our Resin Wood Tables NZ Website.

As we expand our range in 2023 we are aligning ourselves with the best suppliers that have the best products on the market so we can give you the highest quality products at the best possible price. Resin Wood Tables NZ will not be beaten on quality, price or service, so to enforce this point we will be creating loads of videos about each pigment, pastes etc with examples of the appearance that you can achieve by using all of our High-Quality products.

Colour Passion kits will be available that contain multiple colours so you can craft perfect results every time with Resin Wood Tables NZ as your guide. Here are just a few to get you interested as there will be multiple options available along with a NEW range of amazing Pigments soon on


B'iance Kit Resin Wood Tables NZ

Our B’IANCE Kit Passion Colour Kit contains the following

  • Thornton Shimmer Paste
  • Erika Shimmer Paste
  • Mermaid Dreams Chunky Glitter
  • Bubble Beads
  • Top Cell White

Fluro Sparkle Kit

Fluro Sparkle Kit Resin Wood Tables NZ

Our Fluro Sparkle Kit contains 15gms of each colour:

  • Watermelon
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Yellow

Luster/Shimmer Kit

Luster Shimmer Kit Resin Wood Tables NZ

Our Luster/Shimmer Kit contains the following

  • John Shimmer 30gm
  • Soft Peach Luster 30gm
  • Sage Lustre 30gm
  • Pistachio Luster 30gm
  • Icky Finks Shimmer 30gm
  • Cornflower Luster 30gm
  • Coral Luster 30gm
  • Beach Sand Luster 30gm
  • Blue Luster 30gm
  • Pearl White Luster 30gm

Oceanic Kit

Oceanic Kit Resin Wood Tables NZ

Creating your Resin Wood Tables NZ sea works has never been easier with the Ocean inspired colour kit

Our Nature Kit contains the following.

  • Jacki Shimmer 30gm
  • Kymmie Shimmer 30gm
  • Beach Sand Luster 30gm
  • Spearmint 30gm
  • Top Cell White 30gm
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