Custom Edge Designs Resin Wood Tables NZ

There are so many options when it comes to your one of a kind Bespoke custom made table from our team. Most people do not even think about the edges of the table as we just think they will be just plain timber? But Resin Wood Tables NZ take table edges to a whole new creative form as we go above and beyond to create some truly amazing edges. Water theme edges to floral inlays or cosmic galaxies are all possible. This is an additional cost but we try to minimize the expences as much as we can. Table a look at the images here of some of the custom theme edges we can do for you. 
These include the option for wavy edges or we can do a wavy edge then re-mold to make it look amazing under a square edge concept.
Custom Edges Resin Wood Tables NZ
Custom Edges Resin Wood Tables NZ
Custom Edges Resin Wood Tables NZ


This is an 8 minute video of the work that goes into these edges. For more examples please visit our FaceBook page



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