Multi Sealer Epoxy RESINZWOOD

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Multi Sealer Epoxy from RESINZWOOD is a multi sealer that is used by DIY and seasoned professionals across Aotearoa NZ for many types of applications. Here at Resin Wood Tables NZ, Resinzwood we give you all the info, tutorials that are both written and in video format that you can find by following this link How To Seal Coat Your Timber If you require further support you can call our team on 021966387 24 hours a day 7 days a week as we understand that you need help when you want to do jobs. That is our commitment to you as our valued clients that become a #resinzwoodguru.

Images show Resinzwood Multi Sealer packs as well as how your first application will soak in. Second or 3rd coat will fill all those pinholes that could leak air into your final Flood Coat.


Timber coatings prior to flood coat

Shells and gemstones should be sealed to avoid bubble release in your main pour

This product is used on all pourus materials, timber, concrete, brick, stone, gemstones, plaster, clays etc

This product we use for Hybrid tables as well.

NEVER Seal Coat the inside edges of your Rivers

Mix Ratios Info

Working Time Pot life pending volume 30 to 40 mins

Cure time 6 hours plus

Mix ratio is one part A to one part B

Mix thoroughly for 2 mins

Spread out by hand or brush in consecutive thin layers, No sanding between coats

Can be used in cooler conditions or hot conditions 

Full tutorial link How To Seal Coat Your Timber




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