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The Mesmerizing Ocean Wall Art Tutorial is brought to you by Jenny, Paul & Kym as we welcome you to PassionArt's artistic journey, where we explore the fascinating world of ocean wall art creation using the incredible Colour Passion Base Cell White. Join our PassionArt Artist Kym Gow & the Passionart Couple, as they embark on a mesmerizing artistic adventure that will captivate your senses and immerse you in the beauty of the deep blue sea.

This Mesmerizing Ocean Wall Art Tutorial will guide you through the steps both in video format as well as PDF Text format as PassionArt NZ and Resinzwood aim to give you the best info and show you how to craft amazing pieces from your home. In this captivating video. We showcase the unique artistic process of using Colour Passion Base Cell White to craft unique ocean-themed wall art pieces that you can only achieve with our products that may leave you breathless.

Products We Used

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How To Craft this Piece

Download PDF Here

  • Volume of resin is depending on the size of the board you are using. Let us say this is a 500mm board and we aim for a coverage of 4mm you will need 785mls
  • Measure out your resin into equal quantities
  • Add your colours and mix
  • Wrap tape around the outside edge of your board
  • Pour Base cell white on first
  • Spread it out to cover 2/3rds of board
  • Gas torch bubbles
  • Pour your blues at the bottom third and onto the white as well - make pattern
  • Torch bubbles 2 seconds
  • Use a heat gun with a wide nozzle to slowly blow the blues over the white
  • As resin starts to set - Pull the tape off the side and let resin go over the side
  • Rub outer edge with your fingers to smooth.
  • Use gas torch if needed to pop any micro bubbles as well as help to create cell action (Cell Action = The formation of cells)
  • At that point you are completed unless you want to put a top coat over for a final finish

Congratulations You have done it!! Please upload your images and story to PassionArt NZ Resin Artists


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