Kia Ora Friends and Whanau,

I highly recommend you to make your own boards at home and who knows where this could lead. With our online tutorials you will find all aspects from How to mix Epoxy through to finishing applications and everything in-between. This tutorial is from when I was teaching another guy that now makes and sells his boards making a tidy profit using our Top Quality products. I am not just going to leave you with online tutorials as I am available by messenger or via phone if you need urgent help or advice. Here at Resin Wood Tables NZ we will do our upmost to give you the support and guidance along the way.

Once you make the purchase for the mold purchase some resin, pigments etc that you want in your piece that you will craft. Generally you will use 2 to 3kg of deep cast and 500 grams of Finishing compound for the final coat. This is for a board 600mm x 300mm at 40 odd mm thick. We have a selection of timbers that will be available to you to purchase that have all been kiln dried so you have the best possible foundation moving forward.

Colour Passion Aotearoa Dyes and Pigments

We now are bringing in the Elite range of Colour Passion products that we are slowly expending on. These are the highest quality products along with the Resinzwood range. If you are wanting something that we do not currently have please contact us so we can ensure we carry that stock moving forward. Here at Resin Wood Tables NZ we are dedicated to our loyal customers and followers.

Make your art pay

If you are wanting to sell your finished pieces we are happy to promote them on our site and you as an artist that uses our products. This is just another way we aim to help you grow and expand.

Enter Competitions

Resin Wood Tables NZ has competitions that we will advise of on our Facebook page Resin Wood Tables NZ or on our Colour Passion Facebook page. So make sure you follow both of these for updates and other great projects that we build.

Whiskey Board Tutorial Video Below



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