How to Flood Coat a Board or small table as they are basically the same principal and method. The key things to remember here are listed below along with a video that will show you how we do it here at Resin Wood Tables NZ. 

Method to Flood Coat / Top Pour

  • Lightly sand your project to allow the top layer to adhere better
  • Mix up your resin that you have pre warmed in a hot basin
  • Brush around the outside edges to create a slip layer.
  • Make sure your board is flat and level
  • Pour most of your resin in the center and work it to outside edges
  • Use a heat gun / flame torch to heat resin/ pop bubbles
  • The resin will self level and be perfect every time
  • Use hand or brush and flame torch to go over outside edges
  • Leave to cure and it will be perfect

Video How To Flood Coat Your Board/ Small Table



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