The Festive Clock Colour Passion NZ. This video was made by Kym Gow of Colour Passion and has been edited for PassionArt - Resinzwood - Resin Wood Tables NZ the leaders in creative design in Aotearoa New Zealand. Jenny and Paul are dedicated to the growth and promotion of only the best products globally...

That is why we are so PassionArt about the Colour Passion Range. Watch this tutorial video here and see how you too can create this piece with these colours or mix it up a bit with your own creative input changing the colours and other mediums but please ensure you use the 2 key products. Colour Passion Base Cell White & Colour Passion Top Cell White. You can purchase the colours for this project as a kit from our site using the links below. Colour Passion Festive Clock PDF coming soon to this page. Grab a coffee sit back and let the creativeness in you out as you get inspired with this lesson from Kym. 

Links to product in this video

Passion Base Cell White

Passion Top Cell White 

Passion Rose Gold

Passion Aluminum 

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