There are many options when it comes to table frames. Solid wood that is the most expensive, steel, Perspex or custom designed hybrids. See the options here.Our steel frame table frames are the most popular being custom built by our good friends at MartyBuilt Ltd. We can get a frame made to a secific design that you like or you can choose from one of our standard frame options. The U shaped steel frame is very popular as this has a wide opening at the ends allowing for more leg room and allows us to give the table more support. The end legs are connected by rails that run from one end to the other as one solid frame. However we can make these frames so they are connected on site for ease of shipping. 

U Shaped Legs Resin Wood Tables NZ

U shaped Legs for more room Resin Wood Tables NZ

X Frame Legs Resin Wood Tables NZ

Resin Wood Tables NZ X Frame legs are very popular as well and these are more commonly used on our coffee tables and custom made bench seats. On the dining tables that are set back in from the ends of the table 250mm to allow for more leg room. Example below is for coffee tables.

X Frame Table Legs Resin Wood Tables NZ

Design Your Own Legs

You can however come up with your own design for legs that we can get made for you. Like this example below

Custom Design Table Legs

Solid Wood Or Hybrid Wood Epoxy Legs

We do make legs for tables out of wood and epoxy effects for many clients. Here is one such Example. 

Hybrid Wood Epoxy Table Legs

Perspex Leg Options - Floating Table Effect

We have done a few tables with a solid Perspex set of legs as well. This makes the table look like it is floating. Other aspects we can do here is engrave a message or design onto the leg that will be luminated by voice controlled lighting.

Flaot table Perspex Legs

Basically anything is possible and you will find that we are committed to doing our best for our family of purchasers so you can rest assured that we will do the best we can for you. 

Here below is a table frame with a message on it to the birthday boy...

Floating Table Lights in Legs


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