Resinzwood Ultra-Fast Tabletop Resin is a 2 to 1 Ratio by Weight. Resinzwood Ultra-Fast Tabletop Resin has been specifically designed and made right here in Aotearoa New Zealand as a high performing High UV epoxy tabletop resin that will cure in 4 to 5 hours. This special blend can be hard to use especially on the bigger tables requiring larger volumes of resin. With Resinzwood step by step guide you will gain new skills as you become a Resinzwood Epoxy Guru. We developed this resin for people that need to get a job finished in a small amount of time. Suited for craftsmen that work in a not so dust free environment, as the Resinzwood Ultra-Fast Tabletop Resin will go off fast, helping to eliminate the amount of time the resin is vulnerable to having things land in it.

Resinzwood Ultra-Fast Tabletop Resin Method

Calculate the amount of resin you need. This can be done on the resin calculator at Accuracy is important when mixing Part A and Part B together. This product is designed for pouring up to 8mm deep in 18 to 22c with a Cure Time of 3 to 5 hours. Full tutorial and info under How To at Phone Support Call Paul 021966397

  • You can preheat resin in containers in a hot water bath.
  • Measure out Part A and Part B in separate containers by volume.
  • Best calculation to use is 2mm to 3mm per square meter
  • Add your Part A to Part B and mix well till blended.
  • Use a flat stirrer for mixing. Avoid hard beating creating air bubbles.
  • Pour out your resin. Use a blue flame torch to pop bubbles.
  • Full Tutorial can be found under How To on
  • Pot Life at 1 liter 10 mins – Cure Time 3 to 5 hours

Download PDF Here Resinzwood Ultra-Fast Tabletop Resin with Safety Guide and Notes.



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