Tabletop Resin Ultra Fast

Size: 3ltrs
Sale price$136.00 NZD


MASSIVE SALE WHILE STOCKS LAST - Normally $44.00 per Litre Resinzwood Finishing Coat Tabletop Resin is evolving with this new high performance fast curing epoxy resin developed with a High UV additive added to bring you a product that will protect your tables, bench and bar tops from those hard knocks.  This kit is 2 to 1 ratio by weight, The product is becoming a fav amongst table makers across New Zealand and abroad giving a solid coating that is both impact and scratch resistant.. Great for final applications on a rate of 2 to 3mm per square meter of coverage. This product sets up very fast so you have to be on the ball when using it. For optimal performance ensure this product is torched with heat from a blue flame, not an orange flame as that introduces carbon into the upper layer of the resin. This blue flame practice should be used with all epoxy resin applications. This product has a short working time and will cure solid in 4 to 6 hours.


Artist friendly as it is another great finishing compound for painted and resin artwork, apart from oil based products Sets fast, Easy to polish, Impact resistant, Scratch Resistant.

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