How To Deal With Epoxy Resin Drips is not as hard as what you may think it will be or appears to be when you do not know how to overcome them. This is a very simple fix really speaking. Firstly after you have finished the base coat on the tables bottom side proceed as follows below.

  • Line around the outside edges with Green tape or Painters masking tape
  • Proceed on to do your final flood coat on the topside of your table.
  • Once fully cured turn the table upside down and sand down to the tape.
  • That will indicate to you that you are at the original level of the base resin
  • Pull off the tape.
  • You will see the last remaining drips will come off with the tape.
  • Now polish the edges using Pledge or Rubio Mono-coat

Watch Video of how Paul takes care of those pesky drips.


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