UV Resin - Stop Getting Ripped Off

After having some popups on my computer of companies selling UV Resin it got me looking into some others only to find some really scary facts. Firstly how much some are charging for UV Resin really is quite ridiculous with Resin Art NZ in Auckland taking the piss on a whole new level of RIP OFF, as they are advertising their  Artmore brand UV 1kg for $437.00 that is like 43 cents a gram!

Not only that these guys like some of the others, Serenity Hill Designz for an example come across as having absolutely no clue about the products they buy in, name etc as UV Resin is NOT Epoxy Resin, yet they have the labels clearly stating UV Epoxy Resin! If that is the case with this particular type of product what other porkies are being told? about other resin products that they are selling. 

If you are going to brand an imported product and put your name on it then sell that product you should at least have a basic understanding of what the product is and how it is used. 

For the Next Runner up in the RIP OFF List is Serenity Hill Designz as much like my friend Yao from Resin Art NZ these guys have no clue what UV Resin is? going by the misleading info as they too advertise UV Epoxy Resin Hard 1kg for $175.00 inc gst. that is like 17.5 cents a gram. That is a lot better than Resin Art NZ but still a fair chunk of change. Wakeup UV Resin is NOT epoxy based

UV Resin is NOT Epoxy Resin, yet they have the labels clearly stating UV Epoxy Resin! At least there is one true fact on this branding being Hard as you can get hard and soft UV Resin for different applications. 

Finally I found a company that states the facts with the correct labeling and description to what the product is and that is Barnes. But once again I am seeing a price of (Wait for it) $230.00 for 1kg that is the second highest priced UV Product here so far equating to 23 cents per gram. 

Resinzwood Colour Passion UV Resin

That brings me to the Resinzwood Colour Pasion UV Resin. As far as UV resins go there is no huge difference between most companies of the resins makeup as the single biggest difference is knowing what the product is, how it works as well as having the correct equipment that makes the resin cure along with the best Value For Money. Our UV Resin can come in 100gram or 200gram containers. Our Price is $125.00 per kg or 12.5 cents per gram available from the first of August 2024

PassionArt UV Resin is Coming

Our PassionArt UV Resin is coming in October of this year 2024 and we are looking at a retail sale price of $80.00 per kilo equating to 8 Cents per gram making it the most affordable UV resin on the market. Here at Resinzwood, PassionArt, Colour Passion NZ our core focus is to deliver the best products at the best prices we can to the resin art communities of NZ and the Pacific regions.

Facts About UV RESIN

  • UV Resin is Not Epoxy Resin. UV Resin is cured by ultra violet light whereas Epoxy is cured from an exothermic reaction from 2 components being the resin and the hardener. 
  • UV resin allows for fast processing times and easy application, but can only be used for coating due to its short durability
  • UV curable resin is composed of monomers, oligomers, photopolymerization initiators, and other additives. When exposed to ultraviolet light (UV light), the photoinitiator undergoes a chemical reaction that allows it to bond independent oligomers and monomers into a more complex chain.
  • Even after curing, UV resin is very sensitive to heat & can flake off or blister in the sun. Due to its properties, it is well suited for jewelery or ornamental elements.
  • UV Resins have a shelf life of 6 months. Check the dates before use or at the time of purchase

Summing Up the Facts

In summary I am sure some may give me a bit of stick about this post but at the end of the day I am well aware of the cost to manufacture locally as the cost to import products. Taking that into account I am merely stating facts that others have on their sites and their point of sale price just as one would see in Price Spy for example.

No matter what product you are looking for you can be assured that with Resin Wood Tables NZ we will tell you how it is as well as refer you to a better authority if we do not have the correct info you are seeking.

For all what we believe to be the Highest Quality Best Value for money resins in New Zealand come on over to resinzwood.com and compare our prices to the other companies that are ripping you off. 

Blog by Paul Morris #paulmorrisepoxyguru




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