In today's post, Mica Counting the Cost Knowing the Facts we firstly look into what New Zealanders are paying for mica colors for their resin art from the leaders in Resin Art supplies in New Zealand. Without going out of the way to mention any companies based in NZ it is widely accepted that the cost of your mica pearls for resin art is around $1.00 per gram. Here at Resinzwood Limited, Resin Wood Tables NZ, and our sister Company Resin Art Supplies NZ, we think that is a bit of a piss take, to be honest, and we are going to do something about it!

Micas For Resin Art, We Stock

Currently on the Resin Wood Tables NZ website we stock the world-famous Colour Passion Range of micas that come in an assortment of colours that will bring your resin art to life. The Colour Passion range comes in at the cost of 0.42 cents per gram, half the cost of the other stores that sell mica in New Zealand, and a very high standard-rated product. Next up we will have the Passionart range of Mica Art Resin Powders that will be of the highest grade of Mica and quite possibly the lowest cost resin art mica in New Zealand. 

So, What is the Best Mica for Resin Art

Looking at the chart below will give you a good idea as to the effects you will get with different grades of Mica for Resin Art showcasing each one we use in our range of the Highest Quality Best Valued products you will purchase on The Resinzwood, PassionArt websites and in our shops

 Particle Size Effect Hiding Power
 1-25 µm Satin Good
0-60 µm Luster Medium
0-125 µm Shimmer Low
20-150 µm Sparkling Very Low
45-500 µm Glitter Transparent

Counting The Cost and Facts:

The Colour Passion Range of products, PassionArt range" are created using the above formulation. For those interested in the technical details, here's a fun fact: A micron, also known as a micrometer (represented as µm), is a unit of measurement equal to one/millionth of a meter. (1,000µm is equal to 1mm.) We use microns for two types of measurements in our products. The Colour Passion Shimmer, for example, uses 0-125 µm, the particle size offering a low blocking value or depth but an amazing depth effect against a solid background.

The Passionart Range of Pearl Micas will consist of a broad range of the particle guide above with some being for Satin and hiding powers to glittery and more transparent effects in your Passionart Resin Art. What about the pricing for a comparison? The Passionart range of Mica powders will be priced on a sliding scale, so the more you purchase, the cheaper it will become. Our ten-gram containers, for example, that other companies are selling for up to $11.00 Passionart will be setting the price at $5.00 per 10 grams. That equates to 0.50 per gram, but if you purchase ten packets, the cost will be $40.00, equating to 0.40 per gram or less, as this is yet to be finalized. However, we aim to sell the whole range of fifty-four colors for $100.00, and now you are saving heaps at the low cost of 0.18 per gram.

How Much Mica Should I Put in One Litre of Resin

According to the law of averages, you should add 0.25 grams of mica powder for every 100 ml of resin or 2.5 grams per liter. If you want a deeper, more opaque look, add less, as low as 0.1 grams per 100 ml or more mica to make it look more opaque. Never be afraid to experiment in order to achieve the look you are trying to get, but remember you can always add mica but not subtract. 

Pearl Mica Opacity Depth of Field video

In the near future we will do a video or a series of videos for you to show you how to get the perfect effect along with some in-house trickery, tips, and examples of how we get the desired effect we want in our busy workshop.

Links to Purchase Mica Powders

Colour Passion Mica