Resinzwood Artists Finishing Coat Resin

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Resinzwood Artists Finishing Coat Resin has been developed and improved with a High UV additive added to bring you a product that will protect your artwork from the harsh elements of the sun . This product comes in a range of kits that are 2 to 1 ratio by weight, The product is widely used by resin artists for coating pieces of artwork to give a solid coating that is both impact and scratch resistant.. Great for final applications on a rate of 2mm per square meter of coverage. For optimal performance ensure this product is torched with heat. This product has a short working time and will cure solid in 4 hours.


Artist friendly, Sets fast, Easy to polish, Impact resistant, Scratch Resistant.


Some may find that this product sets up too fast, For a slower Cure time you will want to be using our 1 to 1 Artists Resin Ultra

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We use this product on quite a few of our applications like serving boards etc due to the fact of fast cure times. UV protection in this New Formulated product is second to none.

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