Resin Artists DIY How To Guides

Resinzwood, Resin Wood Tables NZ, DIY has a load of resources for DIY artists and makers of  products. The key element you cannot afford to get wrong is the type of epoxy that you will use for all your projects from Art Resin to Deep Pour Resin and Table Top Resin. That is why we are very excited to bring you our long awaited range of RESINZWOOD Resins. RESINZWOOD Resin for Art, Deep Pours and Table Tops have been specially formulated for these three main applications. For the making of all your rivers oceans, deep cast moldings for lights, coasters, ornaments, turning. Finally we have the Ultimate  for everything from coasters, jewelry, wall art, geodes, lights, in fact there are so many applications that these amazing products can be used for.

Now we have established the Best Product to be using you can start to get creative with.... 

Resin Artists DIY How To Guides

Follow these links and see how we do things here at RESINZWOOD learning about our products and seeing perfection in the making. We will be bringing you loads of well informed videos.

How To Mix Our Resins Text Format

Other Resources

Use the RESIN ARTISTS CALCULATOR here to calculate the volume of epoxy that you require. Perfect for all types of Resins and projects from Resin Art to Table Making etc..


RESINZWOOD SOCIAL - Resinzwood Social is a page where you will find links to our network of Facebook Pages, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, as well as links to our main Resin Wood Tables NZ page where you can order Custom made tables using the best RESINZWOOD Resin Products



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