Resin Wood Tables NZ Art Pigments, Dyes, Pastes

Resin Art Pigments, Dyes, Inks Best Value Best Quality Here at Resin Wood Tables NZ, Resinzwood! We are constantly bringing in New and Exciting products of the Highest Quality that we source from across the globe. Having a High Quality is one thing but we also keep our margins very low so we can provide you the best products at a reasonable price as we are all too well aware how expensive things can be. Resin Wood Tables NZ is dedicated to you our loyal customers so if there are products you want please contact us. If you are having any tech issues you can call Paul anytime any day or night on 021966387 so he can help you out!

Our Latest Ranges of Products

Colour Passion is the latest line of products that we now have in stock they have the Highest Qualities and we all deserve to be using the best products at the best price. Checkout the links below to all that we have on offer.





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