We Kiln Dry our Timbers for the Best Results, Resinzwood

Here at Resin Wood Tables NZ we kiln dry our timbers in our friends DIY Kiln that a few of us use to get our timbers to the optimal MC percentage. People that make their own tables from home run a high risk of having the wood and resin part company unless the timber has been dried to a MC of 9% or lower. This is impossible to do by air drying the timber as even in the hottest parts of NZ you will only achieve a degree of 14% on average. If anyone tells you the timber has been in a shed for 10 years or the tree was felled 30 years ago the timber is still going to have a high moisture content that only a Kiln will resolve.

If you have timber we can dry it for you for a fee simply contact us on our contact page. We are Christchurch based offering this service along with planning and sanding options. Alternatively you can order timber from us that we can send to you that has already been processed.

Running a kiln of the size we have costs around $800.00 per month so we like to keep it pretty full to justify the run time that can be a few weeks at a time.

Checkout this video below of Rey's Kiln where he dries all the timbers for our company.

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