Not just a Business, It's a Community Family

So many businesses are just that a business trying to survive but sadly forgetting values along the way. As a kid I remember so fondly of the markets and shops that use to hand out the odd cooked sausage or the bread man giving out some hot fresh bread to try, not forgetting the businesses that would be thankful sending out Xmas cards even if you had not made recent purchases. 

I started Resin Wood Tables NZ some years ago now and I have taken onboard the things that stuck in my head about the good old days growing up in Aotearoa NZ. This is why I have tried my best to give back to the community like Saint Johns with donation table for auction, Doctors and Nurses at Christchurch and other hospitals as well as to the NZ Police just to say thanks. I have been doing this as well as giving to my loyal clients each year, some just a card others tables or boards and even now I send out extra product to people that purchase from our New DIY supply website. 

Why Do I Give Things Away

It is not because I have to or am trying to make people feel guilty, as I want people to feel how I felt growing up with the experiences I had. I firmly believe that in order to grow a sustainable business it is good to give and to build a Community Family where customers become part of an inner circle you could say. So many businesses focus on the next big show or spend thousands on magazine publications not knowing if they are making any impacts or getting value for all those hard earned dollars in the hope of generating more sales. Personally I spend very little on advertising in the traditional form instead I invest that money back to my clients in small ways as well as into things that will benefit the community, or the nurses that give everything when we need them. By doing this I have found lots of positive things happen.

Positives From Giving

Firstly it gives me great pleasure's seeing others surprised and happy and that is an emotional benefit. Then there are the other benefits as people will remember that I gave them a gift, they may never buy again or not for a long time but they will remember a bit of that old fashioned service. The biggest and best part of this is the best form of advertising for our company as I know those people talk about what I do with many other people, that in turn creates opportunities and sales of our products and services.

Building Positive Relationships

Here I am not only talking about the relationship between the business and the client but more so the relationship of the family units that work together planning out that special table, or custom made board etc. This leads onto other great things like having the children of the family or school if it is a school project gather bits and bobs that will go into the table that I make for them. This allows the family to have direct input being able to reflect in later years and remember those times. Many of my builds we have individuals and or on occasions family come and place things in the tables while this is all being recorded on video that is given to them at the end of the project, as we give away a video of the complete build of the table. 

This has many positives as it is a great positive way of promoting our business as well as people being able to share with friends and family how they participated in the build of their heirloom bespoke pieces of furniture.

Don't Just Buy a Table

Anyone can just go and spend thousands on a table from a local shop only to find that hundreds of others have the same thing. Instead invest in a table with meaning that is custom built specifically for yourself and your family for around the same price as a run of the mill quality table from a common store. You will be investing in a very high quality piece that will be treasured for generations knowing that it is a one of a kind that you helped to craft. 

If this sounds like you Contact me at Resin Wood Tables NZ or on our RESINZWOOD Ltd websites or through our Facebook pages so we can get creative and build a solid relationship that will stand the test of time.

Maybe You Just Want To Give

I am about to launch a new part of our website where you can order boards or other things we make to be donated to members of our Police, Ambulance, Nurses just to say thanks. These items will be gifted in your name just to say thankyou to a cause of your choosing.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you take some positives away from it.

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