Colour Passion Metallic Old Gold 30g

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Colour Passion Metal Powders. Colour Passion Old Gold 30g for that antique look. Aluminum 10 grams, with others 30 gram containers.  Colour Passion Metal powders open up a whole New world of creativity right here at Resin Wood Tables NZ. As we grow and expand Resin Wood Tables NZ will be increasing Colour Passion Tutorials under our How To section...

Let's create the sense of Luxury by adding Colour Passions gorgeous range of metal powders in your resin art creations. You can use Colour Passion metal powders in many ways from mixing straight into your resin, pouring it onto your art work to add lines or create cells. Or for a different effect floating it on top of your work. A lot of our Artists dust the powders onto the mold then pour in the resin for targeted areas of colour

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