Circular Resin Art Board PassionArt

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Size: 300mm diameter
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These PassionArt Circular Art boards come in 2 sizes but we can cut them to any size and shape that you want. These ones here are MDF 9mm thick unsealed but that is easy enough to do. We will have white sealed boards as well soon. We are not out to make a fortune on these Circular Resin Art Boards from  PassionArt, like other companies that charge $85.00 for 500mm boards. We are here to help you as much as we can! With some of our resins when you buy a resin kit we will have a board included for FREE. Just checkout the Kitsets we have available for sale. 

These PassionArt Circular Art boards are perfect for many types of artwork listed below

  • Flat scene resin boards that can be Lazy Susan's
  • 3D Wall art that can be casted to depth
  • 3D Wall art or Platter boards
  • Painted art boards that you can resin coat
  • You are only limited by your imagination


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