Resinzwood - Resin Wood Tables NZ, Resinzwood Crystal Clear resins that have been designed for 3 key purposes. Resinzwood Art Resin, Thin top coating resin, Thicker mould and Jewelery resin and our Deep Pour Art Resin. EFX stands for Effects.



Resinzwood EFX Art Resin is made for the use of all forms of Resin Art. It is very hard wearing with a pot life of 20 to 30 minutes depending on room temperature. This resin will withstand 260 degrees Celsius. Our EFX Resin has No Vocs, cure time 8 hours with full hardness in 72 hours. I like to wait 4 to 5 days before hitting it with a buffer or sanding.

EFX  Art Resin / Resin Technical Data 

RESINZWOOD Table Top Resin 

RESINZWOOD Table Top Resin as outlined above being the same product that we use for artwork, jewelery, table tops is a very high performing product. Watch the video here of Resin Wood Tables NZ using our high performance product.

RESINZWOOD Deep Pour Resin

RESINZWOOD Deep Pour epoxy resin is a clear casting epoxy resin specially formulated for deep pour casting, encapsulating, and molding projects with a pouring depth of 5-8 cm 50 to 80 millimeters in a single pour. RESINZWOOD Deep Pour is excellent for anti-foam and air release properties. UV resistant formula, anti-yellowing. RESINZWOOD Deep Pour epoxy allows you to pour large deep pours with a very low heat build-up (exothermic reaction).

RESINZWOOD Deep Pour Technical Data Sheet

Resin Wood Tables NZ will be bringing a range of videos on how to use and how to get the Best Results using our Amazing High Performance Resins Soon. Keep a watch out for those on our Resin Wood Tables NZ How To DIY




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